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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence continues to be one of the more pervasive issues

throughout Pacific Islander communities here in the United States.

We will lift the taboo from this topic, and start what will hopefully become

the catalyst for more discussions regarding domestic violence amongst

Pacific Islanders. This workshop will shed light on the realities of domestic

violence in our communities, and feature culturally relevant strategies in

addressing domestic violence issues.

Empowering Families

The well being of our Pacific Islander communities is of utmost importance.

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, many community organizations have

implemented pioneering and effective programs that serve the youth, elderly

and everyone in between. The focus on the entire family is the cornerstone of

these programs – ultimately building and strengthening community, and by

extension, addressing issues of violence. This workshop will feature several

Pacific Islander programs from the San Francisco Bay Area that we feel can 

serve as models.

Gang/Turf Violence

Violence and gang involvement has become an issue of increasing importance

throughout Pacific Islander communities in the United States. In different regions,

gang involvement amongst Pacific Islanders has increased in the last several years.

Territorial conflicts over “turf” have led to violence and in many cases death.

This workshop will cover a diverse array of topics including historical context of

Pacific Islander gangs in the United States, a discussion on why Pacific Islanders

join gangs (push and pull factors), and strategies to address issues that stem from

gang/turf violence.


Law Enforcement & Community Collaboration

One of the most effective ways to prevent violence in our Pacific Islander communities

is to have strong and culturally sensitive relationships with local law enforcement

agencies. Working together, we can develop impactful strategies and allocate resources

dedicated to violence prevention in our communities. This workshop will be led by local

police officers from the San Mateo and San Francisco Police Departments.

Youth Violence, Bullying & Suicide

Our youth live in a time when bullying is an issue they encounter not just in reality but

also online via the Internet and social media. This, coupled with social and cultural

pressures, often times results in anxiety, suicidal thoughts and physical violence. This

workshop will be led by a group of youth who will discuss how they navigate these issues

in their lives, and provide insight into ways to address violence from their perspectives.


Violence as Taboo in Pacific Islander Communities – Breaking the Silence


When it comes to violence in any form in Pacific Islander communities, there tends to be

a culture of silence that surrounds it. Amongst the many issues with this practice, one is

the unintended consequence of creating a sense of safety for those who commit violence

and making it more difficult to achieve redress for victims of violence. This workshop will

break the silence on this taboo topic and feature discussions on violence prevention and

cultural intervention.

Mana - Healing

Often times, when violence is discussed in reference to communities, very little attention

is given to the process of healing. Since violence is such a pervasive issue in our communities,

we feel that addressing how to heal from violence is one of our primary concerns. In this

workshop, API Chaya staff will share successes and challenges from two current

community-organizing projects that utilize Pacific Islander cultural values to address

domestic violence and sexual assault with a focus on healing.